Welcome to The Freak Life

The Freak Life is a life filled with love and acceptance – we embrace you for being unique! Stay and hang out with us!

Our goal is to change the definition of ‘freak’ by encouraging everyone to love and accept all humans for who they are and celebrate the quirks and oddities that define each of us.

The word ‘freak’ may have a negative connotation, but not within the Freak Life. 
‘Freak’ has been a term of endearment in my house and within a group of close friends for over 20 years. Recently, after coming out of a mentally tough year, I had this great idea to share the Freak love! 

My name is Christine and I’m the GingyFreak (I love gingerbread people – they are cute, happy, and delicious, but I’m also a yogaFreak, a travelFreak, and a sustainableFreak).

My focus is on self-care, primarily mindfulness. It has helped me with stress, anxiety, gratitude, and acceptance of myself and others. I’m not a therapist, just a mom who’s been through ups and downs and has come out for the better – full of self-love and the realization that accepting others for who they are makes for a better world.

I believe if you can love and truly accept yourself for who you are, then you can share that love and accept others for who they truly are. Embracing those freaky, fun qualities in yourself will help others feel positive about themselves. 

It is The Freak Life’s goal to spread love and help others – be that ourselves, friends, neighbors, charities, animals, or the planet.  We are developing products that aim to spread the Freak notion of celebrating the quirks that make us all positively Freak! 

Blogging and building a business are new for me, but if you are interested in following my journey: